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Will Ridge go back to Brooke to keep Bill away from Brooke and his son?
Click Brooke's image to vote Yes or Click Ridge's image to vote No.


Do you think Bill knows Brooke is using him to get Ridge back?
Click Bill's image to vote Yes or Click Brooke's image to vote No.


Is Hope ready to become a mother? Click Hope's image
to vote Yes or Click Liam's image to vote No.



Which character is going the wrong way?

Which guy was best dressed last week?

Pick which character (actor for the last question) you would like to see come home.
Click a one link for each question.

1. I would love for Bridget or Dayzee to come back home. Bridget or Dayzee
2. I would love for Felicia or Amber to come back home. Felicia or Amber
3. I would love for Marcus or Clarke to come back home. Marcus or Clarke
4. I would love for Nick or Whip to come back home. Nick or Whip
5. I would love for Old Ridge or Old Rick to come back home. Ridge or Rick

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Below is the "guess who" question. Click on the link of the person you think said the quote.
If you get them correct, on the results page your nickname will go up as a winner.
Fill in the nickname that you want. Example "Tee"
No email address will go up.

"Brooke really did a number on you, didn't she?"
Eric   Rick   Ridge

Pick which actor and actress had the best performance last week.
Top row best female performance. Bottom row best male performance.


Which character was the worst last week?
Click the link to vote.

Eric • For trying to bribe his son into a relationship with Brooke his ex
Brooke • For calling Katie to tell her she is with Bill
Hope • For letting Liam kiss her

Pick which scene was the best last week.
Click the link to vote.

Ridge coming home to Katie telling her about Eric's offer and that he picked her plus them making love
Bill and Brooke having sex then Brooke calling Katie to gloat
Oliver surprising Aly in her bedroom plus their first kiss and Oliver hiding from Pam
Katie and Brooke going at it while Bill and Ridge were doing the same
Hope telling Wyatt she might be pregnant plus Liam busting in then the boys waiting for Hope

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